Neurologist Appointment?

Living With PCS

I had my visit with the Neurologist and it wasn’t what I was expecting at all!

I met my contact from the Brain Injury Clinic there and we went over the symptoms that weren’t there before followed by my new diagnosis of PTSD.  After a while I finally got to see the Neuro.  I walked into his office and there he was with 3 interns. Laughing & joking as I walked in.

He began testing reflexes, balance tests and he examined my arms, neck and scalp/skull.

After about 15 minutes he then gave his opinion:

Possible inner ear trauma because I failed the balance test and my eyes are delayed to movement. My PCS is healing…u can’t know that just by looking, even I know that.  PTSD is evident.  I’m text book he says.  Keep taking my meds for anxiety.  He also excused me from work.

No further testings, no…

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I posted this in my other blog devoted to my recovery of Post Concussion syndrome

Living With PCS

I had my routine doctor’s visit yesterday in hopes of receiving a note relieving me from duty a bit longer.  Boy, did I get what I bargained for!  I handed him a 2 page list of my symptoms from physical, emotional & cognitive impairments.  He diagnosed me with PTSD along with my Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS) and relieved me from duty as he put it: Will not be working in the near future.  I walked into my employers office today with such note and my 2 page symptom list thinking I was well prepared. 

I wasn’t.

She barely looked at my symptom list and quietly read my doctor’s note.  After she read it she questioned to where was the modified restrictions form? She wasn’t getting it!  And she questioned his ability to diagnose me with PTSD.  Which I’ve learned it is often the diagnoses with PCS.  She couldn’t accept that…

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Living with PCS

I had thought my foggy brain was behind me when all of a sudden it returned with a vengeance.  Which made me really wonder why.  After really thinking about it I vaguely remember two weeks ago I bashed my head really hard on my bike that was hanging upside down in the garage.  I got to ask my questions to a group of PCS survivors and they reminded me of a term called sub-concussive hits.  Which means, Once you’ve had a concussion it’s easier to get another.  This bang has brought me back to the way I was in April after my first incident.  Along with my old symptoms I got to welcome new ones.  I have behavior issues now.  I can be crying uncontrollably one minute then full of rage the next.  I will discuss this with my doctor tomorrow.Yesterday we had family over I was having trouble with speech.  Unable to follow a conversation, kept dropping words and began slurring and stuttering.  They told me I looked dopey and my eyes look different.  Tuesday I meet with my employer to discuss return to work for July 16th but I don’t think it’ll be possible.  My hand tremors and ticks are so bad.  It was suggested to me to try anti- epileptic meds to control the unwanted shakes.

If there are anyone out there struggling with PCS I feel for you and feel free to contact me I’d love to hear your story.


I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about possibly opening an Etsy shop.  I’m just not sure yet.  It has always been my dream to have a crafting store of my very own.  I have designed a few items in knit & crochet but I would like to try designing an Amigurumi.  I want to build up my stash first.  While I am stewing about this….I finished my 2nd Amigurumi.  Another Hello Kitty but in blue this time and I designed a bow instead of using a flower.  Trying to make it my own in a small way.  It isn’t a traditional bow but I love it!  This doll belongs to my daughter now and I’m happy with how it turned out.


Crochet Blog Awards

I’m so thrilled to announce that I’ve been nominated for two blog awards.  The Sunshine and The Lovely Blogger Award nominated by Off the Hook.  Thank you for your kindness.  The rules of this nomination remain the same as the last.  List things about yourself and nominate up to 15 blogs and don’t forget to thank the person who nominated you!


* I have fallen in love with Amigurumi’s!
* I have two amazing kids.  James (15) & Emily (9)
* Emily and I share a birthday
* I’m slowly recovering from a brain injury

Like I said above, I have fallen in love with the craft Amigurumi and I devoted my choices to blogs that have awesome Amigurumi’s.  Congratulations to all!


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Happy Hooking!

My Little Man

Today ends a chapter of your life as you graduate with your Grade 8 class today.  Tomorrow you will begin a fresh start, a new phase as you step into the world a little older and wiser than you did yesterday.  A little more prepared to step into this new world armed with the tools we have given you not only to conquer your enemies but a willingness to succeed. You are brave and will except the challenges before you and your boldness and courage will shine not only today but for the rest of your years.  I will not promise not to shed a tear.  Just know every tear that falls it is only out of pride and admiration for the man I had a hand in knowing and raising.  For I know, that after this day is gone the memories you have set in my mind will stay with me forever.  As you embark on your future we don’t know what lies ahead but we do know it will be amazing for you are blessed with many gifts and I share you with this world.  It will be scary and it will knock you down but I know your strength and perseverance will shine and you’ll keep rising to the challenge.  Never give up on your dreams as without dreams we are nothing.  We would have nothing to aspire to and nothing to reach for.  You are my special dreamer.  Keep that innocence with you as long as you can.



Hello Kitty Ballerina

Over much anticipation I finally finished the Hello Kitty Amigurumi and it’s available as a free download in my free patterns section.  I also have taken a few photos of my finished project.  The first ones a little blurry but the bottom one is good.