Crochet Thoughts

I finished my Clue#6 last night. I hoped to be finished earlier but I had to frog the last one on account of having one too many clusters on round 6. Now, I’m done and have to say that I am not liking my MC in this clue. Tomorrow is Wednesday and I’m curious as to what Bernat has in store for us since this was the last Motif:(
I’m eager to getting this stitched together! All my motif’s are sitting on my craft stand taunting me! Lol I had originally planned to make this for my son but it is quite feminine. So, I was on Pinterest and I found a graph of the Green Hornet symbol and I’ll make him an afghan from that to make it up to him. I went to Michael’s and bought 4 skeins of yarn. Vanna’s choice Lion Brand. I finished all the measuring and copied the image onto my graph book and ready to begin.

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