Crochet Dreams

Hello All,

Yesterday I was at the bank with the family in tow.  Waiting for the results of the loan I was applying for since I had just received a degree in business management and was eager to start up my own business by building my own craft store and had already picked out a property I was interested in.  Just as the bank managers door opened…I woke up!  That’s right,  it was a dream! I haven’t been this disappointed since my guinea pig died as a child.  Reality quickly set in and I soon realized that  I do in fact have a job but so desperately wanted the dream to be my reality.
Happy Hooking!

2 thoughts on “Crochet Dreams

  1. “Happy are hose who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make their dreams come true”, it just crossed my mind, I think it goes like that, but anyway, I do not remember whose it is, but it surely applies to you!
    Love your work, and thank you so much for the award!
    Keep up the good work,

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