Crochet Thoughts

I got off work this morning so sore and tired (as per usual) and I still had to get the kids off to school.  I finally reached my bed by ten.  Then, my daughters school called….she’s sick.  So now I’m up and needed something to do. I remembered reading in the bernat forums about blocking the motifs I’m working on in the CAL.  I’ve never blocked before.  Last month I scanned through about a dozen tutorials on the subject on You Tube.
I gave it a whirl.  
 I used the pins I bought from Michael’s.  Expensive but worth it because they’re pink!
By evening I got another one of my migraines so I just took it easy.  The rest of the night I watched TV with my graph paper and worked on some patterns I had in mind for dish towels.  Perfect for Christmas gifts.
When I started designing it was for knitting but now I’m trying to transfer my designs into crochet stitches instead.  I do love the way knitting looks but I wanted to challenge myself a bit

Happy Hooking!

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