Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

We’ve had a lovely Easter this year.  My son turned 15 on Sunday and we had a lovely celebration. He opened the La Cross stick we bought him along with a package of tennis balls which Cleo got a hold of and chewed one up in a matter of seconds.  It was hilarious.  I got it all on video and I tried to post it but unfortunately my cell seems to have come components that isn’t readable with media player.  Gonna have to do some tweaking.

We spent last night with my parents and sister and we had a blast!  Although I had to work I did have a better night than I’ve had all week. So that’s an upside. I’m still working on my seaming for the CAL but it’ll have to be put on hold for another day since we have one more Easter dinner to attend.  Tomorrow will be a day I can focus more on my projects.  

Happy Hooking!

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