Bernat CAL

Yesterday on the Bernat website they posted the final clue.  The border.  I’m supposed to do one row of single crochet around with sc2tog on the corners.  Since I still had  more seaming to do I spent the day finishing it off.  For some reason I kept getting interrupted and when I returned to my project which was lying across my living room floor I just didn’t like the layout Bernat had suggested.  So I ended up frogging out all my seams.  That took me the rest of the night.  Today I’ve picked a layout that suits me much better.  As for the border, I’m trying to change that too.  I want this afghan to be a bit more symmetrical. 
 This is Cleo getting in my way as I am attempting to seam.  Just one of my many interruptions!
 The first row of my seaming I’ve already frogged out.  I’ll keep the updates coming.  

Happy Hooking!

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