Crochet Along

This has been a busy weekend.  I worked my regular night shifts and last night I suffered a major migraine! Man, was I sick!  I woke up at 3PM with it but it was mild.  By supper it had blown into a migraine even though I had taken Tylenol.  I had a bath at 11PM and read some posts on the Bernat forums page before bed.  So many people have finished seaming their afghan and border.  I pinned my rows together and took a photo (below) and seamed one row together and I hope to have more done today.  I have to balance getting my project done while caring for my little one.  My daughter is sick again today.  I know she’s been faking illness lately but I believe this time she is being genuine. The cough sounds like a whooping cough not easy to fake.  The weather doesn’t seem to help either.  One day hot another cold.  Like yesterday it was so hot we turned the heat off and now today it’s a high of 11 and tonight it’ll drop to -1.  
On the news they stated some parts of Canada received 32cm of snow! That’s just crazy!

Happy Hooking!

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