Mystery Afghan Awards

This morning I was determined to send my little one (whose been sick with allergies I’m convinced of) to school.  She didn’t grumble not even once! After I got home at 9am I started my seaming right away and I am planning on spring cleaning her room.  What a mess!  If she wasn’t so gosh darn cute I’d probably be a little mad…Naw.

My goals for today is to complete my seaming and to at least begin the border.  The CAL suggests one row of sc and I think it needs something more than that.  I just haven’t decided on what yet.  This weeks post on the Forum is a contest called Mystery Afghan Awards. Where we can nominate people based on the posts in the forums in the following category.  I already have a few people in mind.  Good luck to all!

  •  Best in Show – The favorite afghan of the KAL/CAL. It can   follow the pattern exactly, go way off script, or anything in between.

  • Best Original Layout – The favorite afghan that does not match the layout of the official Bernat pattern. Modifications can be small or large.

  • Best Use of Color – This recognizes the blanket with the most popular color scheme – traditional or modern, Waverly families or jewel tones. Shade combinations officially suggested by Bernat are not eligible in this category.

  • Most Helpful Member – This is your chance to thank the most helpful posters on the forums! Make sure you tell us why you’re nominating this person. 

    Happy Hooking!

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