Afghan Border

Yesterday I was spring cleaning my daughters room it took me 2 hours I originally thought an hour tops but once I began I realized she’s been hiding junk everywhere!  

After I finished that it was nearly time to pick her up then I got busy with dinner.  It wasn’t until evening before I could work on my seaming.  I worked on it until eleven o’clock and I finally finished seaming all my motif’s!

Now it’s time for the border.  As I said before, the forum suggests one row of sc which is not what I had in mind. So, I spent the better time of my evening trying to map out what I wanted to do.  

I decided on a sc round with each color then on the last round to do a 5dc shell or 7tr shell still deciding on the last round.

Something like…. I’ll keep you posted!

 Happy Hooking!

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