Cross Stitch

This post from coffee cup thoughts posted this beautiful design of a cross stitched dragon. I have been tempted to learn how to cross stitch but I don’t know where to begin. Any suggestions?

Christine's Coffee Cup

So we are just past the middle of April and I thought it a good idea to check in and let you all know what’s going on in my world.

Starting with a WIPocalypse check in, there has been no movement since last time. I simply have not had time to stitch, since I’m a crocheting mad woman. Hopefully this summer I’ll have more time to settle in and get some good stitching in, but currently it’s a no go.

The reason I’m not stitching is of course because I’m yarn crafting. I’ve been busy trying to get my planned projects complete, but to throw a tiny wrench into the plans I got a commission for quite a few baby items. So I’ve been silly and trying to get both done. And silly really is the word, here. I know I can’t get everything done, so priorities need to be…

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2 thoughts on “Cross Stitch

  1. A great way to start learning cross-stitch is with the beginner kits. Shepherd’s Bush carries some, Victoria’s Sampler has some that even teach specialty stitches. Then start with an easy pattern. The dragon in the picture is a Teresa Wentzler design and she is considered intermediate to advanced in her designs. But don’t let that stop you. Starting with her work would be like crocheting a sweater for a first project. Just like most yarn enthusiasts start with a scarf or a pot holder, a simple kit is a great way to start cross-stitching.

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