Mystery CAL Update

I worked all day yesterday on my border.  I did single crochet stitches around with all of my colors and I am now doing a double crochet around with my main color and then I’m planning on doing a shell stitch on the edges.  So far I’m quite pleased with the results.  I hope to be finished it today.  It could all just be wishful thinking but I just want to be finished with this.  I have so many other projects on the back burner for this one.  I really need to work on something new!  Hubby last night looked at my afghan while I was working on it and both of us agreed weeks ago that my color choices weren’t ones to be desired at all but with my design of the border it has grown on both of us.  I’ll do my best to finish today so I can post photo’s here as well as on my raverly page

and on Flickr in the finished afghans forum of the group called Waverly for Bernat

You should check out some of the amazing afghans already posted.  Some have altered the original layout given by Bernat and have really created some fantastic artistic pieces.  I’ve met some really fantastic people in the Bernat forum.  During the course of working on this project many people have suffered some very difficult losses and my heart goes out to all of you.  Even though times were tough the crocheting never faltered. I’m not sure if faced with the adversity as these women have that I would have the strength to persevere.  Amazing job everyone!

Happy Hooking!

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