Star Shaped Pillow

I went to the doctors yesterday and it’s confirmed I have a concussion and I suffer from what he put was “victim of assault trauma.” I went to bed and I feel a little bit better today just really fatigued.
I’m working on my star shaped pillow for my daughter today.  I completed the first side and today working on the second side. (Photo below)

I’ve also published my Jack Bauer Cloth pattern available for free.  I figured out how to convert my files into a PDF file and uploaded it to acrobat.  I’ll post it soon. I hope it works!

Happy Hooking!!


4 thoughts on “Star Shaped Pillow

  1. This is beautiful! Where’d you get the pattern? I’m still learning, but I’m finally able to follow a pattern (almost) all on my own. lol

    • Oh thank you. I’ve been thinking about writing this pattern out and posting it since there is no written pattern available. I got it from You Tube by Mikeyssmail. He’s my absolute favorite designer! I’m working on the second side today. This pattern is so versatile it can be just about anything from a doily to an afghan. I decided on the pillow but you can make it whatever you want.

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