Knitting Knews

Today I actually had a better day and I decided to work on some of my designs I created on graph paper many moons ago.  My pattern is a kitchen towel done in knitting.  An easy pattern to follow using basic stitch combinations of Purl & Knit.  Since I’ve been focusing so much energy into crocheting I’ve actually had to frog my project six times!! …and counting.  I am writing it out while knitting my sampler.  Available real soon I hope.
The pattern is called, “Grand kids eat for free.”  The sixth time I really thought I nailed it when the words came out as a mirror image.  Frog! Start again tomorrow.

Has anyone voted on the contest Where My Stitches At?  
If not,  
vote here:  Raverly  for best design in celebration of 5 years Raverly has been running and have now built over 2 million followers making it a huge success!

Way to go!

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