Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!

Friday I picked my little one from school and she made me a hand made book mark with a card.  It was so darling!
Saturday I felt in even better so I parked myself in my comfy chair and knitted all day while the boys went off fishing for some father son time.  I’m knitting my own designed tea towel.  I had hoped it would be ready for mothers day but it will certainly be done by May 31st.  My moms birthday.

The boys returned late afternoon and of course I couldn’t wait until Sunday for my gift so I opened it up right in the drive way while the boys cleared the trunk.  I got an E Reader!!!  I quickly ran inside plugged it in and immediately uploaded my E books (crochet patterns) right to it.  I also uploaded my photos of crochet projects I’ve done as well as family pictures.  It also holds music, videos and movies.  I can’t wait to cart this around with me!

Sunday I woke up to coffee and donuts.  I had a lazy afternoon with knitting and movies.  I went to my moms for dinner.  They ordered in Chinese food and we ate and shared a few laughs.  
It’s always fun going there.  
When we got home Cleo was acting crazy! First she ran around with a piece of grass that fell off one of our shoes and treated it like a toy.  I chased her to get it back then she swallowed it. I took my daughter up for a bath and Cleo ran into her room and took off with a pencil again I chased her.  I got it back.  Then again she took off with a sock.  I got that back too.  What a nut!

Tomorrow I hope to be almost done with my pattern then I’ll post pics!

Happy Hooking!

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