Crochet Thoughts


My cousin and her husband are coming to town tomorrow all the way from New Brunswick.  They’re bringing their new addition and first born child Elise.  We are all so excited to see them that we are planning a big lunch with the entire family.  In honor of their visit I have been working so hard on making them gifts for the baby who is four months old.  I made a baby afghan.  Pattern courtesy of mikeyssmail on his You Tube channel with the same name.  (Pictures to follow soon.)  I also made her a hat.  Pattern courtesy of Veggie Mama 

(Pictures to follow soon).  She has designed a beautiful hat but, I did go another route for the flower. 

 I used a pattern I found on All Free Crochet.  I know they’ll like it.  Since hats are hard to judge and considering I haven’t met this child as of yet I sure hope she’ll get some use out of it before she out grows it.  The last time I made a baby a hat I made it too small and all that hard work was wasted.  Hopefully not this time.

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