Crochet Amigurumi

Amigurumi is a Japanese term for crocheting small stuffed animals.  I have never tried this art form before and I am working on my first one ever! I found a wonderful Hello Kitty pattern in Ravelry

The only problem is that it’s written in Spanish.  I used the app from Google that translated the pattern for me but, the translation wasn’t the greatest because it had words in the pattern like half point and mount.  I figured it out and the designer luckily has a tutorial on You Tube so I was able to double check that what I translated was accurate….and it was! Yay! 

I’m so happy because this is the best Hello Kitty design that I’ve ever seen!

Thanks Esperosa!

I hope to have pictures up soon.  I emailed her also asking permission to share the translated copy with you.  By making a copy of the existing pattern if only just changing the language it’s considered a copyright infringement.  So I hope she allows me to share it.  It’s really amazing!  The photo below is of an example of her work. 

Happy Hooking!


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