Crochet Amigurumi

Hello All,I was granted today by the designer of the “Hello Kitty” Amigurumi pattern to share this pattern in English. Of course as a designer myself there are certain courtesy’s that go along with sharing. I will make this accessible for free.  Remember when sharing the sharer cannot receive funds of any kind with the pattern as it doesn’t belong to the sharer.   I will create a PDF file as soon as I’m finished translating (almost done) and once it’s posted I will share it with the designer as well by linking her website to the pattern so other people can access her other fabulous patterns.  I am very excited about this!  So far, I’ve finished crocheting the arms, head, body, skirt, ears, tail & one leg.  I still have to do the other leg, the flower and then the fun part…sewing!  Then felting the face features.  I have been writing it out as I go so it’s accurate to what I’m doing.  If you’re unsure to what pattern I’m referring to just scroll down to my last post and you’ll see the photo’s to this Amigurumi.  I’ve also noticed this pattern is for a small hello kitty.  I think I will do it again and tweak it a bit to make it larger.  I’m making this for a little girl who is being raised by a single dad and she doesn’t have much and I’ve learned she likes Hello Kitty.  So I hope she likes it.  My daughter however wants one too so I’ll be making this pattern over and over again lol

Which is o.k because I’m having a lot of fun!

Happy Hooking!

6 thoughts on “Crochet Amigurumi

      • It’s looking good so far. I just have to sew on one more eye, the flower and the whiskers even hubby is in awe. I’m making this for a daughter of a single dad my hubby knows and the little girl doesn’t have very much. And, what little girl doesn’t love Hello Kitty?

      • Oh that is so kind of you…you have a heart like mine… I know that little girl will love it !! I never knew a girl who didn’t…like I said even my 20 something daughter still has Hello Kitty stuff…

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