My Little Man

Today ends a chapter of your life as you graduate with your Grade 8 class today.  Tomorrow you will begin a fresh start, a new phase as you step into the world a little older and wiser than you did yesterday.  A little more prepared to step into this new world armed with the tools we have given you not only to conquer your enemies but a willingness to succeed. You are brave and will except the challenges before you and your boldness and courage will shine not only today but for the rest of your years.  I will not promise not to shed a tear.  Just know every tear that falls it is only out of pride and admiration for the man I had a hand in knowing and raising.  For I know, that after this day is gone the memories you have set in my mind will stay with me forever.  As you embark on your future we don’t know what lies ahead but we do know it will be amazing for you are blessed with many gifts and I share you with this world.  It will be scary and it will knock you down but I know your strength and perseverance will shine and you’ll keep rising to the challenge.  Never give up on your dreams as without dreams we are nothing.  We would have nothing to aspire to and nothing to reach for.  You are my special dreamer.  Keep that innocence with you as long as you can.



4 thoughts on “My Little Man

  1. So sweet!! He is very fortunate to have a loving mom. Congratulations to the little man for his graduation from 8th grade. 🙂

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