Living with PCS

I had thought my foggy brain was behind me when all of a sudden it returned with a vengeance.  Which made me really wonder why.  After really thinking about it I vaguely remember two weeks ago I bashed my head really hard on my bike that was hanging upside down in the garage.  I got to ask my questions to a group of PCS survivors and they reminded me of a term called sub-concussive hits.  Which means, Once you’ve had a concussion it’s easier to get another.  This bang has brought me back to the way I was in April after my first incident.  Along with my old symptoms I got to welcome new ones.  I have behavior issues now.  I can be crying uncontrollably one minute then full of rage the next.  I will discuss this with my doctor tomorrow.Yesterday we had family over I was having trouble with speech.  Unable to follow a conversation, kept dropping words and began slurring and stuttering.  They told me I looked dopey and my eyes look different.  Tuesday I meet with my employer to discuss return to work for July 16th but I don’t think it’ll be possible.  My hand tremors and ticks are so bad.  It was suggested to me to try anti- epileptic meds to control the unwanted shakes.

If there are anyone out there struggling with PCS I feel for you and feel free to contact me I’d love to hear your story.

4 thoughts on “Living with PCS

  1. I do hope things will improve for you because it does not sound like you are having a very good go of it there 😦 I remember my brother once after a car accident…he had a very bad concussion and for years afterwords would have random blackouts, dizzy spells and generally weird neurological type symptoms…in time it subsided for him…but time was like 7 years……

    • No I’m not. I forgot how to do a slip knot! Needless to say I put crafting down for a bit and going to work harder on recovery. I see my doctor this afternoon and hopefully I’ll get some answers. I feel for your brother coz this is awful! Sorry to hear it took 7 years I sure hope it won’t take that long for me but who knows. I’m taking it one day at a time. Hopefully my boss will see it that way lol

      • My brother was hurt pretty badly…he was lucky it was not worse. The brain always recovers at different rates for different people…hopefully yours will improve soon. Do blog when you can and let us know how you are !

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