Neurologist Appointment?

Living With PCS

I had my visit with the Neurologist and it wasn’t what I was expecting at all!

I met my contact from the Brain Injury Clinic there and we went over the symptoms that weren’t there before followed by my new diagnosis of PTSD.  After a while I finally got to see the Neuro.  I walked into his office and there he was with 3 interns. Laughing & joking as I walked in.

He began testing reflexes, balance tests and he examined my arms, neck and scalp/skull.

After about 15 minutes he then gave his opinion:

Possible inner ear trauma because I failed the balance test and my eyes are delayed to movement. My PCS is healing…u can’t know that just by looking, even I know that.  PTSD is evident.  I’m text book he says.  Keep taking my meds for anxiety.  He also excused me from work.

No further testings, no…

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